Egyptian Border Crossings Operating Hours

Nitzana/Al Auja crossing Sunday-Thursday Friday-Saturday
Freight terminal 08:30 - 16:30 Closed

For imports: In order to release goods from storage, it is advisable to arrive no later than 14:00.

For exports: It is advisable to arrive in the morning and no later than 13:00.

Taba crossing Sunday-Thursday Friday-Saturday
Passenger terminal Open 24 hours Open 24 hours
Notes During holidays, the crossing operating hours are liable to change. Click here for relevant upcoming holiday schedules.
Rafah crossing Sunday-Thursday Friday-Saturday
Passenger terminal As of 01 February 2019, Rafah Crossing was open in both directions on week days and closed on weekends for pre-registered Gaza ID Holders.
The situation at the crossing and the Sinai is still unstable, and travellers should confirm Rafah Crossing is open before proceeding to the crossing.